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Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

The strength of Gateshead is the people of Gateshead

We want to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives. We want it to be a great borough, with vibrant communities, where businesses can grow, residents feel supported and live fulfilled lives, and our environmental impact is minimized.

Our Corporate Plan outlines our priorities for the next five years and aims to address inequality, whilst championing fairness and social justice in Gateshead. Each year we will refresh our delivery plan to set out how we will take our strategy forward in that year and what we expect the impact to be.

We are working with partners and others, to achieve the right outcomes for people and families who need support. Our services are either universal for example bin collections, libraries and highways or targeted like social care. People and families need different support at different times in their lives and our Corporate Plan shows how we intend to provide this.

We are committed to running an organisation that puts our residents first, delivers value for money, and works with our communities to ensure we focus on what is important. However we also need our residents, community organisations, partners and stakeholders to join us in our bid to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives.