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VCSE Digital Transformation Fund

The Digital Transformation and Support Fund has been launched to support small and medium sized voluntary and community organisations (VCSE) to identify the training and digital innovation they need to help them grow and thrive.  

This fund will support up to 25 VCSE agencies who may be at risk of falling behind in terms of digital innovation.  

This opportunity is for organisations who want to develop their organisation's digital capabilities through a Digital Maturity Assessment.

Digital Maturity Assessment

The assessment will be undertaken with an expert ICT consultant, which will result in a realistic and achievable plan for the organisation.

Voluntary and community organisations with a written governing document operating in Gateshead with an annual income of less that £300,000 will be given priority for an assessment. Larger agencies can of course apply and they will be assessed based on the impact they are able to deliver for both their agency and beneficiaries.

The Digital Maturity Assessment will preferably be developed via phone, Zoom and/or emails, or face to face if absolutely necessary. The assessment will cover the current ICT systems and infrastructure, cyber resilience knowledge, data management, digital culture and behaviours and any impact of digital on service delivery.

Once the assessment is complete this will result in an organisational support plan. This plan will clearly outline areas for development, priorities for the organisation such as one to one training, specification development, documentation writing and for some, a small amount to invest in software or equipment. 

Applications for a Digital Maturity Assessment closed on 10 December 2021.


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