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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
View the latest COVID-19 information and advice, including details of the current national lockdown and service updates
Covid champions

Covid community champions

Could you help us share information about COVID-19 in your community?

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone here in Gateshead. Although news of the vaccine is really exciting, we've still a way to go to keep each other safe and get life back to normal.

We want to make sure that residents, from across every community in Gateshead, stay up to date with the latest guidance and advice. This is why we have launched our COVID Community Champion network.

About the community champions network

The network will be made up of volunteers from all over Gateshead who want to make a difference in their communities. You may be from an organisation that works with a particular community group; an individual who is well connected in your community or just someone who wants to know more about COVID-19 to share information with friends and family.

Whoever you are - please help us to help you and others.

The network will give residents the chance to stay up to date on the latest advice about COVID-19. You'll be kept informed so that you share information with your family, friends and other community members and help them to make sense about the facts about the virus.

About our volunteers

We're looking for organisations and individuals who:

  • have an understanding of and / or interest in helping people in the community.
  • have good social skills and are a good listener
  • have the ability to give and receive feedback
  • are reliable and dependable
  • have a sensitive and caring attitude towards others
  • live in Gateshead

You do not need any formal qualifications.

Your role

  • sign up to become a champion
  • take part in four short modules with all the basics on COVID-19 - these will take place throughout January both through the day and evening. Topics cover COVID safety, community engagement, case investigation, test and trace and myth busting covering vaccinations, testing and other myths 
  • you'll then become a COVID-19 champion and be invited to attend a fortnightly briefing where we'll share the latest figures for cases and cover any key topics
  • you receive the latest information about COVID-19 directly from us
  • you share this information with anyone in your community, however you want
  • you let us know what is and isn't working and ask questions on behalf of you and others.

Get in touch 

If you would like to find out more about the scheme to see whether it's right for you then get in touch by:

Sign up to be a covid champion


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