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Making your business Covid-secure

For detailed government guides to provide advice and support for different sectors, visit's guidance on working safely.

Protecting yourself, your staff and your customers

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Advice for keeping your staff and customers safe

1. Ensure that your Covid-19 risk assessment is still in place. Share it with all your staff as a reminder. Find out how to undertake a risk assessment. The Government's Covid secure guidance provides details on individual work settings and how to keep people safe.

2. Clean more often. Increase how often you clean surfaces, especially those that are being touched a lot. Ask your staff and your visitors to use hand sanitiser and wash their hands frequently.

3. Encourage your staff and visitors to wear face coverings in crowded indoor spaces. 

4. Avoid overcrowding. Consider how many people can be in each space while keeping a safe distance from others and continue with back-to-back or side-by-side working where possible.

5. Try to ensure that staff work with the same team every day and minimise external contacts. Use fixed teams or shift patterns to reduce the number of people each person comes into contact with. Minimise deliveries and frequency of handling and use the same pairs of people for load handling where more than one person is needed.

6. Consider ventilationRead advice on air conditioning and ventilation from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

7. Support staff to stay at home if they have Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test result. Although self-isolation is no longer legally required, the virus has not gone away and staying at home if you're unwell is recommended to protect others.

8. Encourage staff to get vaccinated. Vaccination is the most effective thing that can be done to protect people and reduce disruption to your business. Download the vaccination toolkit for employers.

If you need further advice

If you are a business in Gateshead and would like advice or clarification on how to keep your workplace Covid-secure, send us an enquiry and we'll get back to you.

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We ask that all businesses and residents help us slow the spread of infection and report any concerns you may have.

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