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Sale of loft space - conditions

Standard terms of sale

  • The roof space can be sold either for conversion for living space or storage space.
  • The sale will be at a price to be agreed, plus Gateshead Council Surveyor fees.
  • The purchaser to pay the fees for Gateshead Council inspections.
  • The purchaser will be responsible for carrying out any additional works considered necessary as a result of the inspection of the works, and paying for any subsequent inspection of those additional works.
  • The cost of separation of any shared facilities to be borne by the leaseholder.
  • The leaseholder will be responsible for obtaining the consent of Gateshead Council as well as obtaining the necessary planning permissions and building regulation consents.
  • The converted flat must remain as one dwelling; it cannot be subdivided.
  • The converted flat is to be occupied by a single family or individual. It cannot be let for student use or to any other groups. Multiple occupation is strictly prohibited.
  • The leaseholder will be solely responsible for any new windows fitted and any damage caused to the roof as a direct result of having the window fitted.
  • The cost of any repair to a new window unit which fails to perform satisfactorily will be borne by the leaseholder.
  • Gateshead Council will continue to have responsibility for the external aspect of the building and internal beams. If any work is required to the internal beams the leaseholder must allow access to the loft area and will be responsible for the removal and reinstatement of any coverings to the floors, walls and ceilings that restrict access to the required area.