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Housing review 2020

Gateshead Council cabinet have agreed that the Council's housing stock will come back under its control from April 2021. 

This will see the re-integration of housing management and maintenance services which is currently provided by The Gateshead Housing Company come back into the Council. This is also aligned to a new vision and operating model for the delivery of housing, maintenance, and neighbourhood management services in Gateshead. 

Views were sought throughout the summer from tenants, leaseholders, and key stakeholders, following an independent review of Housing Services that took place earlier in the year, which recommended that housing stock should be brought back into the Council. 

The consultation with tenants received a 95% response in support of the change in responsibility from The Gateshead Housing Company to Gateshead Council. 

Councillor John Adams, Gateshead Council Cabinet Member for Housing, said: "The Gateshead Housing Company was set up in 2004 to help unlock funding through the Government's Decent Homes Programme which has now ended. While that was the best option at the time, we need new, more cost-effective, and efficient ways to deliver the best service we can for tenants. 

"We've reviewed all options available to us and, importantly, listened to our tenants. It came through very strongly in the consultation that tenants want a direct relationship with the Council to ensure that their voice is heard and acted upon.

"It's been agreed that bringing the council's housing stock under our control will achieve the best outcomes for local people that are fully aligned with our priorities. This will mean that we can focus on what matters most, providing good quality housing with a mix of tenures and affordable options that meet the needs of local people, including families and older people, enabling them to live healthier lives and preventing ill health. 

"We believe that this change is the most effective way of driving through the improvements in our housing stock that our residents want to see and will give us the opportunity to use our collective resources to provide good quality, affordable social housing for our existing and future tenants. 

"This is just part of our ambitious new vision for housing in Gateshead which will ensure the housing needs of all local people are met, enabling them to thrive." 

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