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Family activities and food 2022

Free activities for Gateshead families

We are delighted to be able to provide free activities for children and families during the Easter holidays, thanks to Government Funding from the Department for Education's Holiday Activities and Food Programme.

This year's #BrightentheDay programme builds on many years of work across Gateshead to provide much needed food and activities during the summer holidays. We have worked closely with our partners, including schools, local charities and community organisations to plan a programme of activities, many of which are accessible to all families in Gateshead.

Below you will find links to outdoor activities that are available to Gateshead families. The activities range from pop-up sports activities, bike rides, nature walks to healthy cooking ideas and much more.

You can get in touch with us by emailing 

Image of Easter holiday activities

Easter holiday activities

Find out about free activities being held by various organisations across Gateshead during the school holidays.

Easter holiday activities
Image of Pop up sports activities

Pop up sports activities

Popping up outdoors during the Easter holidays at different local venues, with sports coaches to organise fun, informal physical activities and encourage children to join in and be active.

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Image of Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling

Discover new walking and cycling routes as part of the Brighten the day leaflet series.

Walk and cycle routes
Image of Crafts


Have fun trying some of these craft ideas from things you might have in already or that you can find outside.

Spring crafts
Image of Art Gems

Art Gems

Art Gems brings you ideas for arts activities to try at home.

Be inspired
Image of Food Nation

Food Nation

Visit the Food Nation website for recipes and cooking ideas.

Visit the website
Image of Cook 'n' eat

Cook 'n' eat

Why not try cooking up some new recipes? You could learn new skills and enjoy some great food together over the summer.

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Image of Life Science Centre

Life Science Centre

Life Science Centre has lots of activities for you to try at home. Explore topics such as green energy, future foods and sustainability through a range of clever crafts!

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