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Family activities and food 2020

Free activities for Gateshead families

We are delighted to have been able to provide free activities for children and families during the summer holidays, thanks to Government Funding from the Department for Education's Holiday Activities and Food Programme.

This year's #BrightentheDay programme builds on many years of work across Gateshead to provide much needed food and activities during the summer holidays. We have worked closely with our partners, including schools, local charities and community organisations to plan a programme of activities, many of which are accessible to all families in Gateshead.

Below you will find links to online and outdoor activities that are available to all Gateshead families. The activities range from bike rides and nature walks to healthy cooking ideas and much more. We understand that it has been a difficult time for all families, and we hope that by providing these activities we can help you enjoy the summer holiday period.

Don't forget to tell us about the amount of steps, miles or skips you've done over the holidays on our totaliser!

You can get in touch with us by emailing 

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Tell us about the number of steps, miles or skips you have achieved throughout the summer holidays.

Log your activity
Image of Food Nation

Food Nation

Visit the Food Nation website for online cookery videos - there's a new one to try each day!

Visit the website
Image of GO Gateshead activities

GO Gateshead activities

GO Gateshead will be posting online daily fitness classes for the rest of the summer for you to enjoy at home. They'll also be posting arts and crafts activities - great for indulging your creativity, or perhaps just something to keep the kids entertained.

Take part
Image of Summer reading challenge

Summer reading challenge

Young people are being encouraged to get silly over the school holidays by taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The challenge takes place every year to encourage children and young people to read while not in school and this year the theme is Silly Squad.

Join the challenge
Image of Art Gems

Art Gems

Art Gems brings you weekly ideas for arts activities to try at home.

Be inspired
Image of Life Science Centre

Life Science Centre

Life Science Centre has a packed summer full of fun activities for you to have a go at home. We've tried them, tested them and peeled sticky tape from our sofas and we're confident that these boredom busters will make you laugh and make you think. We want to help you keep your hands, your minds and your bodies busy all summer.

Learn together
Image of Cook 'n' eat

Cook 'n' eat

Why not try cooking up some new recipes? You could learn new skills and enjoy some great food together over the summer.

Choose your recipe
Image of GO Gateshead challenge competition

GO Gateshead challenge competition

GO Gateshead are giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes by taking part in fun challenges

Take the challenge
Image of Walk and cycle routes

Walk and cycle routes

Discover new walking and cycling routes as part of the Brighten the day leaflet series.

Walk and cycle routes
Image of 10x10 Creative Gateshead

10x10 Creative Gateshead

Get creative with 10x10 Creative Gateshead - activity booklets created by Gateshead artists designed for families to have fun both indoors and outdoors.

Get creative
Image of Book a bike safety test

Book a bike safety test

Get a free bike safety check. Sessions take place across Gateshead throughout the autumn. Make sure your bike is fit for the road.

Book a bike safety check

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