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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Latest health advice and information on service disruptions.

Creating safe space in Gateshead

European Regional Development FundThis work is supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak the government have introduced guidelines requiring people to maintain social distancing.  

Government have asked that all local authorities make quick changes to ensure social distancing is carried out.  

As a result, we are proposing to introduce quick and flexible changes to shopping areas to:  

  • enable social distancing to be observed  

  • support the recovery of the borough and safe reopening of businesses  

The temporary changes include: 

  • one-way traffic routes to ensure there is enough space for shoppers to queue and for others to pass safely 

  • suspension of kerbside parking

  • removal of parking and loading bays

  • narrowing of streets

  • new signage

  • space for walking

Normally before a change to the highway is implemented it can take up to a year of consultation. As we have to act quickly, we are introducing these changes under emergency legislation passed by the government. This enables changes to be put in place quickly and then consulted on and changed over time.

We know we won't have got everything right first time so we need your views as to what should be altered or changed. This is about supporting local business as best we can. We are starting with the busiest areas and working through centres over the coming weeks. 

Send us your views on the changes

The proposals
AreaChangesPlansDate the changes will be introduced
BirtleyRemoval of on-street parking and loading bays on Durham Road to accommodate increased pedestrian space.Icon for pdf Birtley [571.58KB]To be confirmed
Coatsworth RoadCoatsworth Road to become one way (northbound only) with narrowing of carriageway to provide increased pedestrian space. Icon for pdf Coatsworth Road (A) [1.28MB]
Icon for pdf Coatsworth Road (B) [1.66MB]
11 to 17 August
Durham Road, Low Fell

Removal of on street parking places to allow for safe social distancing measures to be introduced..

Icon for pdf Durham Road, Lowfell [1.03MB]To be confirmed
Jackson StreetClosed to general traffic, with footways widened. Icon for pdf Jackson Street, Gateshead Town Centre [1.96MB]4 to 10 August
Lowrey's Lane Car Park, Low FellIntroduction of additional disable blue badge parking places to the lower section of the car parkIcon for pdf Lowery's Lane Car Park, Low Fell [827.21KB]To be confirmed
PelawRemoval of on-street parking on Shields Road (opposite Aldi) to accommodate increased pedestrian space.  Icon for pdf Pelaw [1.01MB]13 July 2020
WhickhamRemoval of some on-street parking on Front Street to accommodate increased pedestrian space.  Icon for pdf Whickham [900.39KB]30 July to 3 August
WinlatonClosure of front Street to vehicular traffic west of Branch Street. Removal of on-street parking to accommodate increased pedestrian space.Icon for pdf Winlaton [422.47KB]8 July 2020
WrekentonNarrowing of northern end of High Street to accommodate additional pedestrian space. Icon for pdf Wrekenton [1.12MB]27 to 29 July


The guidance on social distancing and what businesses could reopen has only recently been issued by the government. It includes detailed guidance on how we should redesign retail areas to maintain social distance, and encourage walking and cycling. We've acted as quickly as we can to develop schemes which follow that design guidance. 

We have had to assess what space is available to allow people to pass and queue safely while maintaining social distancing in our retail centres. We are living through a public health emergency and shopping is likely to be a very different experience for many months to come. We hope by making changes people will be able to shop as safely as possible. 

We've looked at all the retail centres across the borough and where we know there has, or is likely to be, issues with queueing and enough space to pass. We've come up with different approaches for each centre based on what we have observed and the guidance we have from government. In some locations we don't think we need to do anything, but in some busy areas where there are narrow shop fronts, longer queues and narrow pavements we do. We also want to encourage people to continue cycling and walking and deter car use wherever possible. We are having to widen pavements to ensure there is:  

  • space for people to queue
  • space for people to pass without having to walk in the road, negotiate parked cars or moving traffic
  • space for people with pushchairs or wheelchairs
  • sufficient space so that people don't have to reduce their social distance

We need to make these changes so business are able to reopen safely. If we don't make changes, there is a risk that social distance won't be maintained, the infection rate will spike and we may then need to close businesses down. We don't want to do that. We want people to feel safe enough to shop while still reducing the risk of a second spike. Some of our changes may seem radical, but we need to put health and safety first and try to balance that with economic recovery. 

If people feel safe and know social distancing is being managed properly they are more likely to support local shops. We are launching a 'shop local' campaign to encourage this. In many instances those that visit local shops live locally and we want to help and encourage them to walk and cycle where possible. Recent studies have shown that encouraging cycling and walking in centres can lead to an increase in shop takings as users are more inclined to stay longer and use more shops.

Wherever possible, we have provided alternative loading bays for shops to get deliveries. However, in some instances businesses may need to use alternative parking to load and unload, or use rear access if they have it. It is really important that business and their customers do not park on pavements to load and unload. 

All of the centres we are making changes to have off-street car parks. We will keep the schemes under review and take action if necessary to stop parking in residential areas. 

If you have a pub, restaurant or cafe and would like to use the pavement outside your premises for extra seating, we have a quick pavement licence process ready to progress as soon as the relevant legislation is passed by government. If you are interested in using any outdoor space please visit our pavement licences page for more information.

The changes we are making will be funded by additional money from the government.

Walking and cycling  

Cycling and walking has increased in popularity since March and may still be the best way of getting around, as there will only be limited capacity on public transport. We want to encourage this healthier and greener way to get about Gateshead more as we also look to continue to reduce our carbon emissions. Getting people moving safely will also support economic recovery at a local level. 

You can nominate streets that would benefit from more space for safe travelling and shopping, using the Widen my path website.

The website allows anyone to put forward a location where more space or improvements for walking or cycling are needed.  

The ideas submitted will help the council prioritise where further improvements are needed. Visit Widen my path to make a nomination, or to view ideas already under consideration. 

Changes to cycling facilities

People are thinking more about their health and the environment. We already knew we had to do something about dangerous levels of air pollution from traffic in central Gateshead. 

We have undertaken a survey of cycle and walking routes in Gateshead and compiled a list of improvements. We will be designating temporary cycle lanes using barriers, bollards and stencils, though we may make these more permanent if it makes sense to do so.

We are making some of these improvements quickly to make it easy for people to cycle and walk to shopping centres. We're keen to gain views on what else we should do. We won't be able to do everything, but we know there is going to be more funding available in the longer term. 

Some of the changes we are making include: 

  • major changes to the centre of Gateshead to enable people to commute by bike
  • turning the part of Askew Road nearest the Tyne Bridge into a cycle and bus lane and re-routing traffic around the urban core
  • closing part of the top of the flyover to make it cycle only
  • turning part of Oakwellgate to cycle lane and improving cycle routes around the Metro Centre and Team Valley

The general increase in cycling means there are some safety issues which need addressing promptly. We aim to get the changes we have identified installed over the next 12 weeks. You should begin seeing changes in July. This is just the start, we hope to continue work towards more permanent schemes over coming months.  

But this isn't just about cycle lanes. We now have an app that gives you information on cycling in Gateshead and ties in with offers from local business to make it as easy as possible to cycle and walk. Visit for more information.

We are also running a bike amnesty, so any old bikes you no longer use can be donated to those who would like to take up cycling, and we are providing the opportunity for small businesses to get free bike stands installed. Visit our advice for businesses page for more information.

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