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Cycling guidance

Walking and cycling have become a popular way to exercise and travel in Gateshead in the past few weeks as we face restrictions on travel and movement resulting from social distancing restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

More people out using our paths and roads has meant that sometimes, space is at a premium. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and protect the NHS by being safe and sensible. We've put together some straight forward reminders for everyone. Remember that space is for everyone, no one has more right than another and we are all responsible for keeping ourselves and those around us safe.


  • Adhere to the latest social distancing guidance
  • Follow Government guidance on hand washing and use of personal protective equipment
  • Follow any shielding advice you have been given
  • Take any litter home or place in a bin
  • Be considerate

When using roads

  • Stick to the speed limit even on quiet roads
  • Follow all signs. We will be making some changes on some roads so please be aware of any signs giving you information and instructions
  • Be considerate to all road users

When using shared use paths

  • If using a bike, use a bell or shout to let people you know you're coming
    • Some people may not hear or see you due to sight or hearing impairment. Be patient
  • Be aware of people around you
  • Give other users space
  • If travelling at night, use reflective clothing, lights and accessories to make sure you can be seen
  • If walking a dog, use a lead in busy places and always clean up after your dog

When walking on the pavement

  • Be considerate to other users
  • Be aware of others around you
  • Keep children and dogs away from the kerb
  • Always stand back from the kerb if waiting to cross

When walking or cycling on other paths

  • Always follow instructions particularly to close gates and be aware of livestock
  • Never make your own path, use signed rights of way only

If you need to use public transport

The latest guidance is available at

Be aware that some services may be operating revised timetables. Check with the operator before travel or use an app or journey planner for live information.

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