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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Latest health advice and information on service disruptions.

Northumbria Local Resilience Forum (NLRF)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - urgent needs

An increase in demand for both PPE and non-PPE products has put the supply chain under significant pressure. 

It is important that usage of PPE equipment across the independent sector is in line with Gov.UK national guidance

The Department for Health and Social Care will soon have a new website allowing the health and care system to order from a central inventory. 

We are aware that some of you are unable to get PPE now and we would like to outline some of the steps that are being taken to support you. 

Try to get PPE from your business as usual sources first as stocks are being updated continuously. 

National Supply Disruption Response (NSDR)

If you are not able to get PPE from your usual sources contact the NSDR 24/7 helpline 0800 915 9964. This is a freephone number in the UK. They may be able to supply emergency and small kits, for example 100-200 units of each type of PPE.

You will need to supply the following information during your call:

  • name, email and telephone number of the requestor
  • name, email and telephone number of a contact for the next 24 hours (for example out of hours cover if the original requestor will be unavailable)
  • delivery address, including postcode; and named contact for receiving deliveries
  • confirmation that your organisation can receive the delivery outside of normal business hours 
  • number of COVID-19 patients being treated (confirmed and suspected) 
  • number of beds in your organisation (if appropriate) 
  • how long your current PPE stock provides cover for (for example less then 24 hours; one to two days, or more than two days) 
  • which products you are requesting and in what quantity

The NSDR is focussed on fulfilling emergency orders, for example orders required in less than 72 hours. They do not have access to the full lines of stock but they are able to mobilise small priority orders quickly. 

Criteria for receipt of support from the LRF

It is recognised that this system is overwhelmed with requests so a small stock is being made available through your local council via the Local Resilience Forum. 

This stock is to support organisations who will not be able to continue to provide services without receiving a top up of PPE within the next 72 hours. Any stock supplied will only cover a short period of time until you are able to source PPE from your usual source. 

The critical PPE can only be provided for use by employees who currently have close, unavoidable contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case. 

This includes highly vulnerable groups such as:

  • adult social care in local authorities
  • care homes, personal assistant
  • home care and supported living
  • children's homes
  • secure children's homes
  • residential special school
  • children's social care services in local authorities
  • mental health community services
  • prison and court officers
  • police
  • mortuary and funeral services.

This stock will not be distributed to organisations who cannot demonstrate that they meet the latest clinical guidance.

The PPE provided to the LRFs is not expected to be used for NHS Acute Trusts or Ambulance Trusts as they are already being supplied via the NHS. The supply of PPE to GP's, pharmacists, emergency dentists and optical providers is also direct through the NHS. For more information refer to NHS - PPE

The Government have published a COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Plan that outlines how the securing and distribution of PPE will be managed.

Process to access critical stock

Complete this form to request Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Make a request for PPE

Only order the PPE that you need for immediate use, do not stock pile, to ensure there is enough to go round. 

You are also advised that where possible your employees should try to carry out their duties maintaining a safe distance from residents. 

PPE is not required when front line workers can remain more than two meters away from anyone showing signs of COVID-19. 


Raising a request does not guarantee that it can be fulfilled immediately.


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