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Handling your household waste

Coronavirus - handling household wasteHousehold waste and recycling collections

We are planning to do everything we can to ensure household waste and recycling is collected during the coronavirus outbreak. Any changes will be updated on this page. At the moment household waste and recycling is being collected as normal. You can use our bin checker to find your collection dates.

We need your help

  1. Please remember - to help protect our crews and you and your family please wash your hands before you put anything in your bin. Also wash your hands before putting your bin out for collection and when bringing it back in. Handwashing with soap and warm water for 20 seconds is still the most effective way to prevent the spread of infection. Our crews are wearing gloves, however, if you do this it will help keep our team safe, so we can continue to collect household waste and recycling. Any other bin washing much appreciated too.
  2. Make sure cars are parked so they do not block access for the bin wagons. With more cars at home, it is making it difficult to get round the streets easily.
  3. Show your support to our crews with a wave or a picture in the window from the kids! 

What to do with waste if a household is affected by coronavirus

If someone in your home is suffering from coronavirus-type symptoms, or self-isolating due to a possible infection, any waste materials need to be handled very carefully before they are collected to help prevent further spread of the virus.

  1. Place all personal waste such as tissues, wipes and disposable cleaning cloths in a separate disposable rubbish bag. Tie the top to prevent anything falling out.
  2. When full place this bag into a second bag, that is also then tied securely
  3. Keep this bag for at least 72 hours in a place not accessed by people or pets
  4. Follow the guidelines above about handwashing before using your bin
  5. Put the bag in your green household waste bin for disposal as normal. Do not put the bag at the side of your bin.

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