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Early Help Assessment (EHA)

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) is a way of working with your family that puts you at the heart of decisions made about you and your children. Gateshead's EHA is used by a wide range of people working to support families.  
It will usually start through a conversation with a worker who is already supporting your family. You'll discuss what is working well for your family, what you, your child and your worker are worried about and what is causing any difficulties. 
Giving consent to start the EHA process can help you to work with other professionals such as school staff and health visitors. It aims to explore, understand and share information about what is happening in your family's life and to ensure that you get the right support. 
You and your worker may agree that they are the best person to work with your family to find a solution to your problems. This means that no other service will get involved.
If other services need to be involved, your worker should recommend a Team Around the Family (TAF). The TAF meeting will bring together the right people to provide the support you need.