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Supporting our communities to support themselves and each other

Inequalities exist between people but also between communities, with some having much more deprivation, anti-social behaviour and poverty.  

To support our approach to tackling inequality and reflect the ambition to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives, the Gateshead Fund was renamed the in March 2018.

The main focus of the Gateshead Thrive Fund is to support projects that:

  • help the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead and/or the most vulnerable residents
  • address poverty
  • build social capital and increase active participation by residents within Gateshead
  • help and enable volunteering.

To date, 24 organisations have been supported through the main fund with grants totalling £220,000 including High Spen Community Group which received £8,500 for its project 'The High Spen Heroes' to create a shared local pride and identity, acting as a catalyst for further community action.  


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