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Our challenges

Thrive challengeWe know that over half of people and families in Gateshead are either just managing or just coping, but more than 30% are in need or in vulnerable situations.

We want to change those statistics and aim to make Gateshead a place where there are less people in need of council support and more people are thriving.

Our strategic approach, Making Gateshead a place where everyone thrives, is driving the major policy directions for us, aiming to redress the imbalance of inequality, championing fairness and social justice.

We are working differently, with partners and others, to achieve the right outcome for those people and families who require more support.

Work is well underway but there is still a big challenge ahead. By working together we already have examples where we have Thriving People, Thriving Businesses and Thriving Places across Gateshead and we hope these will act as an inspiration to our residents, community organisations, partners and stakeholders to join us in our bid to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives.


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