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The lake in Saltwell Park is currently closed due to a bloom of blue green algae.
Members of the public are advised not to touch the water, or allow pets to enter the lake, until further notice.
Bowling c1910
Bowling in Saltwell Park c1910

Saltwell park was opened in 1876 to provide a haven of peace and tranquillity, and was originally called the People's Park. There are two different Victorian landscapes to be found in the Park. The first, in the centre of the Park, is the private mansion of Saltwell Towers and landscaped gardens of William Wailes - built between 1850 and 1862. William Wailes (1808-1881) was one of the 19th century's most noted stained glass designers. His work can be seen in churches throughout the country, including at St. Mary's and St Cuthbert's churches in Gateshead.

The attraction has recently been restored to the once beautiful and picturesque People’s park that it used to be. The restoration involved a staggering 30,000 new trees and shrubs, 100 new Victorian-style seats, a renovation of the Saltwater Towers, the maze- using 1,200 new trees and a new creation of 3,600 square meters of new lawn.


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