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Council Tax


Council tax is your contribution to the many services we provide, including:

  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Street lighting
  • Rubbish collection

Every home in Gateshead has to pay council tax.  There is one bill for each home.

Doing it online & finding Information

Find the level of council tax for your property

The level of council tax for your home is based on the Valuation Band the property has been placed in.

Paying your council tax

You can choose how you pay your council tax including paying online, by direct debit and post.  Use this guide to pick which is best for you or jump straight to:

Find information on council tax exemptions and discounts

Depending on your circumstances, it's possible to get discounts and exemptions off your council tax bill

Moving House

If you're moving house let us know so we can make sure that we make any adjustments to your bills and make sure you are billed from the correct date.

Payment difficulties & missed payments

Information on what to do if you get into payment difficulties or have missed a payment of your council tax.

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