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Changes to Trinity Square car park

Posted on Thursday 7 September 2017

From Tuesday 19 September a new charging system will be introduced to the Trinity Square car park in Gateshead town centre. 

Charging for parking was part of the original planning permission for the Trinity Square development six years ago. Any income from the car park goes to the operators of Trinity Square and not the council. 

Parking charges should have been introduced when the store first opened. However, the parking equipment that was originally installed was proving to be confusing for customers and causing traffic issues.

The council agreed to a series of delays with Tesco but after four years parking charges at Trinity Square car park need to be in line with our other car parks in the town centre.

A traffic management plan is a key consideration for any new development with the parking charges being agreed by Tesco ahead of construction taking place, we aim to have a consistent approach to parking across the town centre and to encourage local people to use other forms of transport.

Charging for parking in the town centre is about ensuring there is available parking for people wanting to use it throughout the day and stopping long stay commuter use. Evidence shows short term car parking in town centres encourages more people to visit which in turn helps businesses rather than longer stay car parking.

Gateshead Council is committed to supporting the town centre and ensuring car parking in the area is good value when compared to many other town centre locations.