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Unlicensed scrap dealer fined

Posted on Thursday 23 November 2017
Johnson Scrap

A Gateshead scrap dealer has found himself £2,300 out-of-pocket after failing to provide any paperwork for his business.

Joseph Johnson of Pensher Street East in Gateshead was suspected of operating as an unlicensed scrap dealer after he failed to provide any waste transfer notices or evidence that he held either a scrap metal dealer’s licence or a waste carrier’s licence.

Gateshead Council enforcement officers had visited his home earlier this year and noticed that the garden of the property was full of scrap.

It seemed clear that a scrap business was being conducted there so Mr Johnson was served with a notice requiring him to produce the legal paperwork required for operating a scrap business.

However, despite requests to produce his paperwork, Mr Johnson failed to produce any waste transfer notes and he also failed to attend an interview at Gateshead Civic Centre.

Subsequent enquiries showed that Mr Johnson did not have a licence to be a scrap dealerr under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, nor did he hold a waste carriers licence issued by the Environment Agency.

He was eventually summonsed to appear before Gateshead Magistrates Court on November 22 to answer charges of failing to provide a scrap metal dealer’s licence, a waste carrier’s licence or any waste transfer notes when requested to do so. Mr Johnson failed to attend court and the case was heard in his absence.

Magistrates fined Mr Johnson £510 for not having a scrap metal dealer’s licence, £770 for not holding a waste carriers licence and a further £770 fine for failing to produce any waste transfer notes. He was also required to pay £250 costs.

Anneliese Hutchinson, service director for Development, Transport and Public Protection, said:

“Operating an unlicensed scrap business is a serious offence and I am pleased to see that the court has taken a firm view.”

“The law imposes strict controls over the operation of scrap businesses because of the serious nuisance they can cause to their neighbours, and due to their potential for significant environmental pollution.

“In addition, there has previously been a great deal of crime associated with the theft of metal and waste transfer notes are deemed to be essential in ensuring that everything is fully traceable and that legitimate metal recyclers are not unknowingly handling stolen goods.”