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Making Gateshead a place where everyone thrives

Posted on Thursday 23 November 2017

Gateshead councillors today (Thursday 23 November ) called upon residents, businesses, partners and employees to get involved in plans to help make Gateshead a place where everyone can thrive.

Years of austerity and cuts in funding from central government means Gateshead Council is spending £400 less per person than we did in 2010. The Council can no longer do everything it did in the past and it has been agreed a new way of working is needed. Everyone in Gateshead is being asked to get involved in helping to set the Council’s future direction.

Leader of Gateshead Council, Martin Gannon said: “Gateshead’s a fantastic place with amazing people, there’s a strong sense of community and local pride. There’s real passion here and a lot to be proud of. We’ve always been fiercely ambitious for the people of Gateshead and we remain committed to that despite the likely removal of our core grant funding from government by 2020.”

“Every day we hear that some people in Gateshead are not coping or are in need. We have too many people out of work, living in poverty and living shorter lives. It’s just not right, this unfairness can’t continue.”

Councillor Gannon added: “A radical rethink is needed about the way we work as a council, the way we spend the money, the way we work with partner organisations, businesses and how we engage with local people in our communities. Big change is needed and fast.”

“There will always be people who need our help, but there are also people who with a little bit of support could improve their own lives and be able to play a bigger part in their own communities. This in the long term would reduce the amount of help the Council would need to give them.”

“We’ve put forward five pledges setting out what our priorities for Gateshead should be for the next 5 – 10 years. We want to know are those priorities shared by the people of Gateshead?”

“We want everyone to be involved in the discussions we’re having, if you’re a resident, club organiser, local community group, church or business we need to know what matters most to you and what you can do to help make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives. Together we can continue Gateshead’s transformation and this is a real opportunity to have your say.”

To find out more about the pledges being made by the Council and how to get involved go online at or talk to your local councillor.