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Man prosecuted for running scrapyard in garden

Posted on Wednesday 8 March 2017

A Gateshead man who ran a scrap metal business from his front garden has been prosecuted by Gateshead Council.

Jackie Weddle, of Kendal Crescent in Beacon Lough, pleaded guilty to charges of running a scrap metal business without the required licence and failing to keep the required waste transfer notes in a case brought by Gateshead Council.

Council officers were alerted to allegations that an illegal scrap metal operation was being conducted in a residential street. When they visited the address it was quickly established that large quantities of waste, including scrap metal, were being stored at the property and on the highway.

Council officers had already been aware of the defendant’s activities and had warned him a number of times about the condition of his property. However, when it became apparent that he was continuing to run a business from his address, and storing scrap metal on the highway, the council began legal proceedings.

Mr Weddle pleaded guilty to charges under the Environmental Protection Act and the Scrap Metal Dealers Act at Gateshead Magistrates’ Court on Monday March 6. Magistrates fined him £733.00 with £296.24 costs.

Anneliese Hutchinson, service director for Planning, Public Protection and Highways, says:

“There are very strict laws around the operation of scrap metal businesses, some of them to do with protecting the environment and others to do with the prevention and control of metal theft. Mr Weddle’s wholly unlicensed activities appeared to contravene both of those.

“But quite apart from that, it’s difficult to imagine what his neighbours must have had to put up with. A residential street is definitely not the right environment for a scrap yard.

“We will be monitoring Mr Weddle’s premises to ensure he doesn’t repeat his offending.”