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Man prosecuted for failing to provide waste license

Posted on Thursday 23 March 2017

A Gateshead man was found guilty and fined over £1,000 this week for failing to produce his authority to transport controlled waste.

Nathan Stokoe of Pontop View, Highfield, Rowlands Gill was found guilty by Gateshead Magistrates’ Court following an investigation which started last year.

Licenses are issued to authorised waste carriers by the Environment Agency, but there is a growing trend of unauthorised waste carriers advertising their services on selling and social media sites. 

Anyone who wants to hire someone to take away any waste has a legal duty a make sure they only transfer over their waste to an authorised person.  If you transfer waste to an unauthorised collector, you could be prosecuted and fined.  This is because often unauthorised waste carriers will take waste away and not dispose of it correctly – often leading to incidents of fly tipping.

To help people dispose of their waste, Gateshead Council offers a discounted bulky waste collection service and also provides two Household Waste Recycling Centres. However, if you want to arrange for someone else to remove waste for you, this is what you need do to protect yourself from prosecution:

  • Always ask to see their waste carrier licence issued by the Environment Agency.
  • Always get a receipt, including the details of who collected the waste and a description of the waste.  Do not accept excuses such as, “I left my receipt book in my other van, I’ll drop one off”.
  • Make a note of the registration number and description of the vehicle used to collect the waste.
  • If in doubt, you should check the Environment Agency’s publicly available register of all authorised carriers which is available online on the Environment Agency’s website at:
If you have concerns about a waste carrier not being properly authorised, or someone not disposing of waste correctly, you should contact the council on (0191) 433 7225 or email