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Celebrating the success of learners

Posted on Wednesday 12 July 2017

Last week we hosted our 12th LearningSkills Awards. The awards celebrate the success of the learners, staff and the employers that we work with each year.

Over 250 people attended the awards evening at the Drydent Centre in Gateshead to hear heart-warming and inspirational stories on how learners have overcome challenges in their lives and despite the odds have achieved a great deal of success.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Apprentice/ Workplace Learner Award

Winner- Brooke Mitchinson

Runner up- Rebecca Race

Award presented by Martin Poulter- Gateshead Housing Company


Skills for Life Award

Winner- Joseph Black

Runner up- Diane Gaffing

Award presented by Cllr Allison Thompson


Young Person Award

Winner- Aaron Hagyard

Runner up- Bobbie Drewett

Award presented by Steve Furnell- Metro Radio


Family Learning Award

Winner- Catherine Ritchie- Lingley House Primary School

Runner up- Kelvin Grove Family Learning Group

Award presented by Cllr Angela Douglas


Learning for Life Award

Winner- Betty Nicholson

Runner up Mary Potts

Award presented by Cllr Jill Green


Skills for Employment Award

Winner- Robert Cooper

Runner up- Theresa Doherty

Award presented by Cllr Michael McNestry


Recognition Award

Winner- Dryden and SoTA Cleaning Team

Award presented by Neale Coleman- One Awards

Runner up- Will Todd

Runner up- John Burns

Award presented by Carrie Rodger- Newcastle College


Community Learning Award

Winner- Barmoor Hub sewing Handbags and Purses Group

Runner up- Clare Edwin

Award presented by Cllr Alex Geddes


Equality and Diversity Award

Winner- Kate Taylor

Runner up- Lisa Herron

Award presented by Cllr Mary Foy


Employer Award

Winner- Caroline Saul

Runner up- Whickham GP Practice

Award presented by Peter Strassheim- Engica Ltd


Learner of the Year

Winner- Robert Oughton

Award Presented by Mayor of Gateshead Cllr Pauline Dillon