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More misery for unlicensed waste collectors

Posted on Monday 18 December 2017
Seized pickup

Another rogue waste collector has been parted from his vehicle as Gateshead Council’s war on fly tipping and waste crime continues.

In a joint operation with Northumbria Police, enforcement officers carried out a series of checks on scrap metal collectors and seized this vehicle after it was found to be in a dangerous condition.

The driver was arrested and enquiries are ongoing.

And in a further case, an unlicensed waste collector has found himself £600 poorer after failing to produce written evidence that he had disposed of waste legally.

Anthony Rowland, formerly of Knightside Gardens and now of Eslington Villas, Gateshead was prosecuted for failing to produce waste transfer notes when requested by Gateshead Council.

Mr Rowland first came to the attention of Gateshead Council in 2013 when he was found to be operating as a scrap metal dealer without a license.

Recently, the council’s Enforcement Team had been asking for his waste transfer notes so they could ensure that he wasn’t a fly tipper and wasn’t handling stolen metal.

When asked to produce his waste transfer notices, Mr Rowland tried to argue that the waste on his tipper truck at the time was not commercial waste but was his own.  But magistrates at Gateshead Magistrates Court did not believe him and found him guilty.

Mr Rowland was fined £300 for not producing his documentation, with £300 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Anneliese Hutchinson, service director for Development, Transport and Public Protection, says:

“There is a significant amount of crime associated with unlicensed scrap and waste collection. For example, there is a clear link between unlicensed waste collectors and incidents of fly tipping.

“That’s why it is essential – in fact it’s a legal requirement – to have waste transfer notes showing who you collected the scrap from and where you disposed of it. Anyone who cannot produce such notices must be considered a risk, and therefore someone we will always take an interest in.

“In addition, collecting waste or scrap metal without a licence damages the livelihood of reputable and licenced collectors.

“If you know of anyone who collects waste or scrap illegally, please contact the Council's Enforcement Team in complete confidence.”

The Enforcement Team can be contacted either by email to flytipping@gateshead.gov.uk or by phoning 0191 433 7225.