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Appeal for Gateshead school uniforms

Posted on Friday 22 July 2016
Donate your school uniform

Now that school's out for the summer, parents in Gateshead whose children have outgrown their school uniforms now have the chance to recycle them for a good cause.

Gateshead Council and charity Changing Lives have come together in a unique partnership to provide free Gateshead school uniforms to families who need them and who are referred by the Council’s Housing Services.

At the moment stock is limited and demand is high, so there is an appeal being made for any good quality items of uniforms from any Gateshead school to be donated to the charity’s Jackson Street shop in the town centre.

Councillor Liz Twist, Gateshead Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing: “At the end of the school year many children have outgrown their uniforms so this is a great opportunity to put them to good use. School uniforms aren’t usually donated to charity shops, they tend to be thrown away if they are no longer needed. Other families in Gateshead, many in financial hardship, would be happy to take on what can be very expensive items bought brand new. We’re keen to receive donations of uniform for any Gateshead school, all we ask is that the clothing be in good condition.”

Changing Lives delivers a wide range of services for people experiencing homelessness, recovering from addiction or moving on from problems like domestic abuse. Michael Shields, Changing Lives Senior Retail Manager says: “We’re delighted to be working with Gateshead Council to help offer good quality school uniforms to families and children who need them. School clothing can be a big expense for any family and Changing Lives is keen to help match up good quality uniforms with pupils from Gateshead schools.”

If anyone has uniform items to donate, please drop them into the Changing Lives shop, Jackson Street, or the ‘donation station’ at CWL Reception, 1st floor, Civic Centre. Changing Lives would also be grateful for donations of clothing, bric-a-brac, carrier bags and other items they can sell in their Gateshead shop.

To find out more about the charity and its work visit www.changing-lives.org.uk