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Gateshead School Catering is best UK performer

Posted on Tuesday 6 December 2016
School Meal 2016

Gateshead Council’s School Catering Service has been singled out as the UK’s top performing school meals provider by the Association of Public Service Excellence (APSE).

The council, who employ a team of a 350 staff to prepare and serve more than 11,000 hot meals every day, was compared with 50 other UK school meals providers and was judged to be delivering the best quality, cost and productivity in the UK.

To win an APSE Performance Network Award, the performance of individual local authorities are measured and benchmarked against dozens of their rivals. To win, a local council has to prove it performs better than all the rest.

Dale Robson, service director responsible for school catering, says:  "Gateshead already has a growing reputation within the UK catering industry but an APSE Performance Network Award is really something special. To win one, you have to prove you are the best at almost everything.

“It’s a fantastic achievement to be chosen the 2016 winner. What is especially pleasing is that this award wasn’t judged on the basis of a glossy brochure or a slick video presentation, but on our day-to-day performance. It shows that we are clearly doing something right. 

“Of course, our customers already tell us on a daily basis how much they appreciate both our food and the service we provide, but winning this APSE Award just confirms our own belief in the quality of that service.”

APSE Chief Executive Paul O’Brien said, “The winners and finalists of these awards are proof that, despite the squeeze of austerity and continuous budget cuts, local councils can still offer excellent frontline services that successfully serve their communities. It is a pleasure to be working with these innovative, determined champions of local government.”

Gateshead Council provides more than 11,000 nutritionally-balanced meals every day in 80 primary and secondary schools across Gateshead. Our team of 350 staff are fully trained in nutrition, food safety, catering and cookery skills.