Annual Performance Benchmarking Report Published

Posted: Tuesday 17th February 2015

The North East Regional Road Safety Resource has recently produced the annual performance benchmarking report to provide guidance for the twelve North East local authorities on their performance compared to that of other local authorities in England in 2013 for the purpose of appropriate target setting, identification of education, training and publicity needs, and to encourage the sharing of best practice.

The report sets out how each of the twelve North East local authorities has performed against several key measures of road user casualties. The overall total casualty figures have been combined with additional information to provide a more rounded picture of the situation in each authority by taking into account factors such as the amount of vehicle miles travelled and the size of the population. This is important because the characteristics of the authorities vary and have an impact on the number of casualties, so this helps us to understand the wider picture and explain apparent imbalances in the number of casualties between authorities.

The report focuses on areas where there is notable good or poor performance that would benefit from further investigation and work by local authorities, rather than a complete documentation of all performance. This enables individual local authorities to assess where they would like their performance to sit for each of the measures, as it may not be possible for local authorities to achieve performance in the top quartile for all of the measures.

To further assist authorities in determining how they have performed in 2013, each figure includes a data table giving information on variations in their performance compared to the three year average number or rate of casualties in the authority between 2010 and 2012. There are also measures included that indicate the relative rank compared to the other English authorities as well as their quartile position, with traffic lighting to show improved or worsening performance.

Finally, the figures intentionally contain information for each of the 151 English local authorities included on the Department for Transport’s reports so that local authority members can see how authorities similar to theirs perform against the measures, giving them the opportunity to compare performance and share best practice. However, it can also be used to set individual authorities performance into context. It is intended that individual authorities use this report to help develop targets to plan and evaluate road safety delivery, as well as a means of sharing good ideas for reducing road user casualties.

For the full report, please visit the Performance and Benchmarking page of the Reports section, or click here.

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