New Report Published on the Impact of Deprivation on Road Safety

Posted: Wednesday 7th September 2016

The North East Regional Road Safety Resource has published a new report that combines data from the Index of Multiple Deprivation with casualty statistics to determine the level of impact that deprivation has on road safety.

This report takes a different approach to road safety analysis than is usually employed by the Resource, with the aim being to highlight how to target specific campaigns towards different audiences, rather than to advise which road user groups to target.  The intention is that this report should be used in conjunction with other research reports from the Resource, and other planned road safety interventions to better target campaign work to the most appropriate sections of the population.

The main findings from this report are that deprivation has a clear impact on road user casualty numbers, in particular for children and pedestrians, with both children and pedestrians from the most deprived areas of the North East being much more likely to be injured when using the roads than those from the least deprived areas.

However, it is not quite as simple as saying that people from areas with higher levels of deprivation are more likely to be injured on the roads, as there are several road user groups where there are some interesting splits between different age groups – in particular with pedal and motorcyclists.

Following the analysis of the main road user groups injured on the region’s roads, the final section of the report provides advice on which communications channels are best utilised to put across road safety messages to the target road user group.

For the full report, please visit the Other Specific Issues page of the Reports section, or click here.

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