Regional road safety data

Summary data for collision and casualty numbers in the North East, police forces and local authorities can be accessed by using the navigation options on the right hand side of this page.  The data provided covers North East performance by year and severity between 1979 and 2014 and police force and local authority performance by individual local authority and severity in 2014.

Stats 19 collision data

Stats 19 is the set of data that has to be collected by a police officer when an injury road traffic collision is reported to them.

This section of the website takes this Stats 19 data and uses it to provide summary tables containing frequently requested information on collision and casualty statistics.  Further analysis of Stats 19 data undertaken by the North East Regional Road Safety Resource is available in the Reports section of this website.

An example of a Stats 19 form and the Stats 20 guidance notes for the completion and analysis of Stats 19 forms can be found at the following links:

The data used to produce these tables is based on the North East Regional Road Safety Resource’s database of Stats 19 information provided by Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland police forces.  As data for Cleveland police force is only available back to 1996, and Durham to 1994, additional statistics obtained from the Department for Transport have been used to fill in the missing information for these police forces back to 1979.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the data presented on this website is accurate at the time of publication, there may be slight differences between information available from the Police and the Department for Transport due to different processing methods and submission times.