The North East Regional Road Safety Resource is based at Gateshead Council and provides information and data analysis to support road safety education, training and publicity in the North East of England.


The Resource was set up and funded under the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Road Safety Grant Scheme on 1 April 2007 with funding for two years.  Over this initial two year period the Resource’s main aim was to support data led education, training and publicity (ETP) campaigns by identifying and targeting issues of concern, facilitating programme planning, and supplying information to inform ETP.  This was primarily done at a regional level, working with groups such as Road Safety GB North East and the North East Road Safety Forum.  The success of the Resource over its first two years was rewarded with continued funding from three road safety organisations within the region: the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, the County Durham and Darlington Road Safety Partnership, and the Cleveland Strategic Road Safety Group.

Current function

The Resource is now designed to meet the demand amongst road safety professionals in the North East for improved analysis of road collision and casualty statistics to support ETP activities with a region-wide focus.  This supports the aims of the Resource’s stakeholders and enhances the stakeholders’ roles of activity coordination and information sharing.  It also provides added value through a single focus for the analysis of road safety information at a regional level.  It thereby supports best practice and continued improvement across the North East.

The Resource has a wide range of regional stakeholders, including all twelve North East local authorities, the three North East police authorities, the fire and rescue services, academics and road safety professionals.  Staff from the Resource provide information for and attend various regional and local meetings, including meetings of Road Safety GB North East, to discuss and share information with user groups.

Steering group members

A steering group made up of representatives from the police, fire and rescue, local authorities and safety camera partnerships from across the region is convened annually to direct the future work of the Resource, with the following membership:

  • Peter Slater – Data Analyst, North East Regional Road Safety Resource
  • Caroline Shield – Team Leader, Transport Policy and Research, Gateshead Council
  • Paul Watson – Road Safety Team Leader and Chair of Road Safety GB North East, Durham County and Hartlepool Borough Councils
  • Steve Donaldson – Partnership Manager, Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative
  • Deborah Brown – Community Safety Academy Policy and Team Manager, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service