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Table of provisions


Below are tables of all the  ITE courses across the six local partners.  For more information about a particular institution or their courses please contact the organisation direct or contact the Merit advisor, Sheba Joseph.

 Key: UG: Undergraduate Study
Generally 3-years study
PG: Postgraduate Study
Generally 1-years study

Gateshead SCITT

Early Years & Primary School Education (age 3 to 11)

PG X121
strong focus on age 3 to 7

Newcastle University

Primary School Education (age 5 to 11)

PG X100
PG XR11 (with French)
Biology(age 11 to 18) PG FC1X1
Chemistry (age 11 to 18) PG F1X1
English (age 11 to 18) PG QX31 (inc Drama)
French (age 11 to 18) PG R1X1
PG RX11 (with German)
PG RXD1 (with Spanish)
Geography (age 11 to 18) PG F8X1
German (age 11 to 18) PG RX21 (with French)
History (age 11 to 18) PG V1X1
Mathematics (age 11 to 18) PG G1X1
Physics (age 11 to 18) PG F3X1
Religious Education (age 11 to 18) PG V6X1
Spanish (age 11 to 18) PG RX41 (with French)
MA with QTS status PG
GTTR Code for relevant PGCE above

North Tyneside SCITT

Early Years and Primary School Education –(age 3-7) PG X121