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Missing children and young people


We've renamed the MEG to reflect the work that we're doing to protect children who are being trafficked - the group is now called MSET (Missing, Sexually Exploited and Trafficked)

Children go missing from home or care for a number of reasons, some of which are often varied and complex. Those young people who go missing may place themselves and others at risk. As well as short-term risks there can be long term implications for these children. 

Gateshead LSCB and its partner agencies (particularly Northumbria Police and Gateshead Council) have a commitment to safeguarding those young people who go missing and put themselves at risk of exploitation and other forms of harm. There is a commitment for every ‘missing episode’ to attract the proper attention from the professionals involved with the young person. This includes independent return interviews for any young person who goes missing more than once or where there are concerns about a second missing episode.

View the Gateshead LSCB procedures regarding missing children and young people

Gateshead LSCB Missing, Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Group (MSET Gateshead) monitors children and young people who go missing from home or care and those who are at risk or are putting themselves at risk of sexual exploitation or who are being trafficked. The group meets monthly and is chaired by the police Missing from Home Co-Ordinator and is made up of representatives from a wide range of agencies working with children and young people in Gateshead.

Any professional can refer a young person to the MSET if they are concerned about missing episodes and/or a risk of sexual exploitation but this is best done via mutli-agency group. If you wish to do so please use the new CSE framework and complete a screening tool and a stage 2 assessment if necessary

The Government published revised statutory guidance on young children who go missing from home or care in 2014.

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