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Campground Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Client: Gateshead Council

Location: Wrekenton, Gateshead

Contract Value: £3.5m

Contract Period: 14 Months


  • The redevelopment and modernisation of Campground Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC) to make the site user-friendly and efficient.
  • A roof has been installed, providing shelter for users from the elements.  
  • Replacement of unsightly incinerators with more aesthetically designed buildings; providing a positive effect upon the visual amenity.

Project Delivery

  • Broad consultation with local residents prior to commencement of works.
  • Works were carried out in strict compliance with the rigorous planning regulations imposed on the scheme.     
  • Utilisation and co-ordination of in-house skilled trades including project manager, highways engineers,surveyors and construction operatives, facilitated strict on-site monitoring and management.
  • Waste materials during the build were recycled on-site reducing overall waste and carbon footprint. 

 Key Issues

  • The works necessitated a full closure of the site to perform major earthworks, to create a new elevated road system and more containers to enable users to dispose of waste more easily.  
  • During closure, we provided a Temporary HWRC facility at Shearlegs Road depot.In order to maintain a strong relationship with the community we successfully provided a local football team with alternative facilities whilst the works were carried out.
  • This was owing to the  proximity of their existing facilities to the site works

Successful Outcomes

  • Works were carried out in a manner which achieved full client and end user satisfaction.Improved access resulting in vastly reduced queuing time for users.
  • The fully modernised buildings on-site now offer cost savings in energy and heating.
  • 95% of waste is either recycled, reused or treated to produce electricity.
  • New facilities have enabled 190,000 tons of  rubbish to be collected which will be treated to generate power for more than 30,000 homes. This will save 64,000 tons of carbon per year, the equivalent of taking 21,700 cars off the road.


Please see our Waste and recycling centres page for more information on waste and recycling centres in Gateshead.