Local Area Agreements

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The primary objective of a Local Area Agreement (LAA) is to deliver better outcomes for local people. LAAs also have secondary objectives of improving central and local government relations, enhancing efficiency, strengthening partnership working and providing a framework for enhanced local authority leadership role.

They set out a joint view from Central government and the local area – in this case Gateshead – of the local priorities and commit the local authority and partners to improvements in performance over a three year period.

Gateshead’s Local Area Agreement was agreed in June 2008 and is known as The Gateshead Agreement – Delivering Vision 2030.  The agreement covers the period 2008-11 and includes 38 improvement measures which will help us deliver Vision 2030 along with 16 statutory DCSF measures.  The focus of The Gateshead Agreement includes;

  • Prevention and focus on children and young people
  • Growing the economy for all
  • Focus on communities
    • Stronger
    • Healthier
    • Sustainable

They will be central to the new Comprehensive Area Assessment which will be in place in 2009 to assess the performance of the local authority and what it delivers in partnership with others.