Children Gateshead - The plan for children, young people and families in Gateshead

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In 2012 we agreed this plan as our strategy for improving the lives of children, young people and families in Gateshead for the next two years.

It sets out a clear, new direction for our approach. It sets out the priorities across all partners responsible for providing services to children and young people, our objectives and how we will deliver them, with specified targets.

Our aspiration and vision for our community is that “all children and young people are empowered and supported to develop to their full potential and have the life skills and opportunities to play an active part in society.”

It identifies four strategic objectives for partners to achieve, and is backed by a new focus on commissioning as the basis for how we will deliver them:

  1. Safeguarding children and young people
  2. Tackling poverty
  3. Starting and staying healthy and safe
  4. Attainment, achievement and ambition

We will develop an annual commissioning plan to set out how we will deliver these objectives, and we will engage widely in the development of our joint approach.