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Preparing for the arrival of a baby is an exciting time and there are many things to think about. These web pages provide you with advice about registering the birth of your baby and what information we will need from you

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When do I register my baby's birth?

The birth must be registered within 42 days. There is no fee for registration and you will be provided with a short birth certificate. If you would like a full birth certificate there is a small charge, check fees and charges for more information. You will need to make an appointment and you should allow 30 minutes for the registration.

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Where do I register the birth?

You must register the birth at the Register Office in the registration district where your baby was born.

The birth should be registered in the area where the birth took place. If this is difficult, you can provide a declaration of the particulars at another Register Office, which will be forwarded to the correct registration district. You will need an appointment to do this, our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The birth certificate will then be sent to you by the Registrar in the district where the birth took place.

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Who can register the birth?

If the parents of the child were married to each other at the time of the birth or conception then either the mother or father may register the birth. If the parents were not married to each other at the time of the child's birth or conception then the father's details may be entered into the register if the mother and father go to the Register Office together and sign the birth register.

There are sometimes special circumstances, where the father is unable to go to the Register Office with the mother, it is possible for him to fill in a legal document, called a statutory declaration, confirming that he is the father of the child.

Where the mother is unable to go to the Register Office with the baby's father and they are not married, the mother may make a statutory declaration naming the natural father of the baby. A statutory declaration can be obtained from the Register Office. It will need to be witnessed by a solicitor and a fee will usually be charged by the solicitor.

Where the mother or father has made a formal parental responsibility agreement or either parent has obtained the appropriate court order, the agreement may be produced to the Registrar by either parent.

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What information is needed to register the birth?

The child

  • Details of the date and place of the baby's birth (if the baby is a twin or triplet and so on, we will need the time of each baby's birth)
  • Whether the baby is a boy or a girl
  • The first names and surnames of your baby

Mother of the child

  • Mother's first names and any surnames which she has used before  and since her marriage (if this applies)
  • Her date and place of birth
  • Her address
  • Her current, or last occupation (if this applies)
  • The number of previous children (by her present and any former husbands and the date of her current marriage if applicable)

Father of the child

  • Father's first name and surname
  • The date and place of his birth
  • His current or last occupation (if this applies)
  • His address

If you are unsure of any of the details, please contact the Register Office for advice before you attend.

It is important that the information entered into the register is correct. If any mistake is made it can be difficult to have these corrected. You will be asked to check the entry in the register carefully before you sign to confirm it is correct.  

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Re-registration of a Birth

If a child is born before the child's parents marry each other, it will be necessary to re-register the birth after the marriage. Although there is no time limit on this, it is advisable to do it as soon as possible.

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What is the ‘Tell Us Once’ scheme? 

When you have a baby, there are always numerous agencies and organisations you have to inform. Now a Government scheme, offered free of charge via the Registrar's Office,  means you only need to ‘Tell Us Once’ when you go to register your child’s  birth and we will do the rest. 

If you wish to make use of it, simply ask the officer when you are registering the birth. Relevant details are then placed on a national database where they can be accessed by public sector organisations so their records can be updated accordingly. Registrars will be supported in this where necessary by Customer Services.

More information on the ‘Tell Us Once’ scheme is also available at:|

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