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Community Cohesion


Many people in Gateshead have a strong sense of belonging to their neighbourhood and want to live in a community with a sense of pride. We want our communities to be sustainable and cohesive – they need to be places where people share values and aspirations for the future.

What is Community Cohesion?

For many people, the term Community Cohesion is unclear and it is often confused with race relations, or perhaps seen as relating only to minority groups and immigrants. In Gateshead, community cohesion is all about people in Gateshead being able to build strong and positive relationships with each other and making Gateshead the best place to live, work and visit.

To assist us in this aim, the Gateshead Strategic Partnership has developed a new Community Cohesion Strategy and Action Plan for Gateshead.

The strategy contains four key themes:

Creating a fair and equal Gateshead

Our aim is to make sure that no-one in Gateshead is disadvantaged or treated unfairly because of their age, ability or disability, gender, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity or area of the borough in which they live.

Gateshead Residents

We want all residents of Gateshead to have a strong sense of an individual's rights and responsibilities and that they will know what everyone expects of them and what they can expect in return

Gateshead Neighbourhoods

People in Gateshead have a strong sense of identity with their local area. We want to build on this sense of identity and encourage people to become more active in their neighbourhoods and to take pride in and celebrate the distinct and often unique identities that make up Gateshead

Gateshead Services

We want all people in Gateshead to have equal access to services and similar life opportunities, regardless of their age, ability, background or the neighbourhood they live in.

Contact us if you would like more information on what we are doing to promote community cohesion in Gateshead.

Contact us

Clare Harwood

Partnership Officer

0191 433 2979