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Census 1991 & 2001 Key Statistics

Excel All Tables (166k)
Excel Accommodation (20k)
Excel Age Structure (21k)
Excel Communal Establishment Residents (23k)
Excel Country of Birth (20k)
Excel Economic Activity (23k)
Excel Ethnic Group (23k)
Excel Health (19k)
Excel Hours Worked (21k)
Excel Household Amenities (18k)
Excel Household Composition (22k)
Excel Household Size and Rooms Per Household (17k)
Excel Household with LLTI and Dependent Children (19k)
Excel Industry of Employment (24k)
Excel Living Arrangements (22k)
Excel Lone Parent Households With Dependent Children (21k)
Excel Marital Status (18k)
Excel Migration (21k)
Excel Occupation Groups (21k)
Excel Qualifications (21k)
Excel Religion (18k)
Excel Socio-Economic Classification (24k)
Excel Tenure (21k)
Excel Travel To Work (21k)
Excel Usual Resident Population (21k)
Excel Vehicle Ownership (21k)

Comparison of 1991 and 2001 Census'
(geographic level of information: England and Wales, England, Tyne and Wear and Local Authorities in Tyne and Wear)

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