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Community safety


Safer GatesheadCrime and disorder have fallen significantly within Gateshead over recent years, and the borough continues to be a safe place to live, work, study and visit. During 2009/10 overall crime figures for the borough reduced by a further 15%, with significant reductions in violent crime, vehicle crime and burglary.

Safer Gateshead is a Community Safety Partnership dedicated to reducing crime and improving community safety in Gateshead. The partnership is led by six Responsible Authorities:

Additional members of the wider Safer Gateshead partnership include a range of public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations. By working together, the partners in Safer Gateshead can have a greater impact on reducing crime, disorder, drug abuse, alcohol-related problems and anti-social behaviour across the borough.

Safer Gateshead produces a Partnership Plan every year to let everybody know what our priorities are. The latest plan is below.

Safer Gateshead has a statutory duty to address:

  • crime and disorder
  • anti-social behaviour
  • behaviour adversely affecting the environment
  • substance misuse in their local area
  • reducing re-offending

Contact Us

Safer Communities Team
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street
Tel: 0191 433 3000 (during weekday normal office hours only, 8.30am - 5pm)