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Safer Families Project


Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Project (IDVA)

The IDVA project is a service that works with people who are assessed to be at high risk of harm from domestic abuse. A priority task for the IDVA is to work with service users to ensure their safety. This is achieved by exploring and identifying risks, then safety planning with the service user and coordinating a care package of services to fully enable implementation of a safety plan. In addition the IDVA support people suffering from domestic abuse through any police investigations and subsequent court hearings in relation to the abuse.

The IDVA service receives referrals from Northumbria Police, in particular the Public Protection Unit. They assess service users using a tool called the CAADA risk assessment. The assessment measures the frequency, intensity and severity of abuse identifying those at high risk of harm. The tool is also used to identify those who meet the criteria for Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

The service we offer is safe for the service user, brief and focused. At times when the risk of harm remains high or the abuse experienced by a service user is the subject of a court case our intervention tends not to be brief however each case is regularly reviewed and the short term and long term safety needs of the service user remains a priority.

We aim to enable service users to participate in the development of the IDVA service. We offer a questionnaire to be completed at the end of interventions to collect views.

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