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CCTV surveillance


The introduction of Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, has been one of the best weapons against crime. It has proved effective in both cutting and detecting crime and because of this people now feel safer when they're out and about.

The Home Office states that CCTV surveillance is particularly valuable when used as part of a wider crime reduction strategy, therefore strengthening the partnership with the local police.

Images from the cameras are monitored at the council's secure CCTV control room and relate to a number of systems including the recently installed Nexus digital system at Metro stations in Gateshead. A link with the police is used to alert them to incidents and the design of the systems also allows police CCTV operators to remotely access and control the cameras.

The CCTV cameras are used for:

  • Ensuring the security of the council assets
  • The detection, deterrence and prevention of crime including supporting the business watch scheme
  • Providing assistance to the emergency services including managing major incidents
  • Helping to secure a safer environment for the people who live, work, visit and trade in the areas covered by the CCTV system.

Users of the systems are committed to complying with a CCTV Code of Practice to ensure that they are only used for legitimate purposes.

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