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Community Contact Points


What is a Community Contact Point?

If a person has been a victim of hate crime they may feel more comfortable talking to someone they already know or trust. Within Gateshead we have a fantastic network of support groups, voluntary and community organisations, advocacy groups, Places of Worship and carers who can become Community Contact Points.

Community Contact Points can take referral information and feed this into the Gateshead ARCH telephone line or one of our designated reporting centres.

Why we need more Community Contact Points:

  • Research tells us that the majority of hate incidents that happen are not reported to anyone
  • Victims may feel more confident about reporting incidents at venues they already use and feel comfortable with
  • The more Community Contact Points that exist across the borough, the easier it will be for someone to report
  • Once the case has been referred into ARCH, support can be given to Victims and action taken against perpetrators
  • ARCH publicity will be displayed at the premises of a CCP, which will help create ARCH awareness and encourage more reporting.
  • Being a Gateshead ARCH Community Contact Point is one way an organisation can demonstrate its commitment to the principles of anti-discrimination

If it is not possible for your group/organisation to be a reporting centre, you can still help by helping to advertise the Gateshead ARCH system and signposting.

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