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Anti social behaviour


Report anti social behaviour

If anti social behaviour is causing alarm or distress to you or the community where you live, you should report it to the Community Safety team.

Phone: 0191 433 3000


Tackling anti-social behaviour is a key part of the Safer Gateshead partnership with a dedicated team working across the borough.

Anti-social behaviour in our community can affect everybody which is why Safer Gateshead takes the issue so seriously.

The anti-social behaviour team has developed a graded response that addresses some of the root causes which can often be varied and complex.

The focus is always on providing an early response that stops this type of behaviour escalating.

Community Trigger

If you have reported anti-social behaviour to us three times or more within the last 6 months – and you feel that NO action has been undertaken, then you could ask for a case review – using the Community Trigger process. 

For more information, download our Community Trigger leaflet (37Kb) or contact:

Phone: 0191 433 3000 (Quote ‘Community Trigger’)
Post: Community Trigger, Community Safety Team, Civic Centre, Gateshead, NE8 1HH.

No applications were made to the Community Trigger for reporting period 06/04/15 - 05/04/16.

For reporting period 06/04/14 - 05/04/15 there were two applications for the Community Trigger. Neither met the threshold for review as action was already being taken and these complaints were being investigated.

Future Developments within Anti-Social Behaviour

Safer Gateshead has produced a draft version of a revised Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy as well as updating the Graded Response protocol and introducing broad service standards so residents have an understanding of what happens and how they will be kept informed of progress after reporting anti-social behaviour.

Currently as with all crime and disorder reduction partnerships, Gateshead is awaiting a national steer with regard to where the new coalition government will place the focus on anti-social behaviour policies. We know at the moment that the government is: 

  • reviewing the effectiveness of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
  • is advocating a reduction of custodial sentences for less serious offences and an increase in community payback type work as a punitive measure for offenders
  • has given a commitment to continue to fund the work of Victim Champions in this financial year
  • is reviewing the role and remit of Family Intervention Projects (FIPs).  The FIPs work with some of our most challenging families

Early indications are that the new government is keen to ensure that local communities have a more active role in tackling anti-social behaviour as part of the concept of the ‘Big Society’. 

We will keep you updated on national developments and the implications locally regarding the development of the anti-social behaviour agenda.

Contact us

Safer Communities
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

0191 433 3000 (during weekday normal office hours only, 8.30am - 5pm)