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Victim support


As well as tackling people involved in anti-social behaviour Safer Gateshead also provides much needed support for victims.

Safer Gateshead has a commitment to ensure that residents in Gateshead suffering from anti-social behaviour receive continued support through the complaints process. This service is available to any Gateshead resident while their complaint is investigated. Over the last five years Safer Gateshead has funded a victim support worker called Jim McCoy to work especially with vulnerable victims of anti-social behaviour providing advice and support.

This year as part of a national initiative we now have a Victims Champion role.  This means that Jim’s post has a particular remit not only to continue his casework with vulnerable victims but also to work proactively with any person in Gateshead who has been the victim of a hate crime which is either racially motivated, homophobic or an incident targeted at someone who has a disability.

This year Jim has worked with over 100 cases and has had a number of successful outcomes which has allowed investigating officers to focus on tackling the perpetrators. Jim receives his referrals from The Gateshead Housing Company, Northumbria Police and Gateshead Council and we have received positive feedback from many residents about the practical support given to them during what can be a traumatic time throughout the course of an anti-social behaviour complaint.


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Victim Support
Swineburne House
Swineburne Street
Tel: 0191 477 8395