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Highway Winter Damage Additional Government Funding

It is commonly acknowledged that the last two winter seasons have been identified as the worst winters for several decades, causing unprecedented damage to our local road network. The damage to roads and footpaths caused a dramatic increase in the number of potholes, extensive damage to the underlying structure of the roads and extensive damage to footways.

In response to the widespread concerns the Government, earlier this year, provided an extra £200m allocation to highway authorities specifically for the repair of potholes. This followed a similar response in 2009/10 when £100m was allocated in April 2010. Although this additional funding was welcomed it was estimated to be only about half the sum actually needed.

The funding was distributed based on the road network length and its condition. Gateshead Council received funding of £460,154 from the Department for Transport.

This is in addition to Gateshead Council’s planned highways maintenance budget of £1.62 million for 2011/12.

Gateshead Council welcomes the grant from the Department for Transport and acknowledges the significant impact it has made in allowing us to accelerate the repair to our road network.

The Council has identified large areas of carriageway that had suffered significant damage during winter 2010/11, and have commenced a programme of machine laid carriageway patch repairs in order to fully restore the life of the road surface over significant size areas. These repairs included:-

Oakwellgate  Roundabout, Gateshead

Blaydon Bank, Winlaton

B6317 Shibdon Road, Blaydon

A694 Station Road, Rowland Gill

Ellison Road, Dunston

Askew Road / Team Street, Teams

Crowhall Lane, Felling

Albany Road, Saltmeadows

Additional surface dressing throughout the area and extensive additional pothole repairs throughout the whole area

In the aftermath of the severe weather Gateshead Council Local Environmental Services carried out over 2,000 carriageway repairs with the most serious potholes repaired within 24 hours of inspection.