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Funding applications


Additional Highway Maintenance Funding

The main sources of funding for highway maintenance activity are capital funding received from Government through the Local Transport Plan process and the Council’s own revenue resources. For the year 2014/15 these total £2.108 million and £4.642 million respectively.

Additional funding for road maintenance has been received from Government via the following sources:

  •  A two year additional funding package announced in December 2012 comprising £412,000 for 2013/14 and £217,000 in 2014/15;
  •  £294,795 to assist in the repair of flood damaged roads. This was awarded late in 2013/14, so effectively became available for use in 2014/15;
  •  £340,300 following an application to the Government’s ‘Pothole Fund’, awarded in June 2014.

Use of additional funding 2013/14

The additional funding received in 2013/14 was used to effect repairs of two main kinds:

  •  Additional minor re-surfacing/extended patching work on main roads. Roads treated in 2013/14 included Bensham Road and Hawks Road;
  •  A new programme of ‘high quality repairs’ to provide longer lasting repairs to small areas of road affected by persistent potholes or other defects. Some 23 schemes were carried out at a number of locations across Gateshead in 2013/14.

Use of additional funding 2014/15

It is intended to extend further the activities undertaken in 2013/14. In addition some funding will be used for re-surfacing works undertaken within wider improvements to the transport network, notably at Kingsway North.

Durham Road has been identified as location for minor re-surfacing/extended patching as part of this programme. Work is underway to identify the locations for further works.

Monitoring of highway defects

The occurrence of potholes and other defects is monitored continuously. All pothole repairs are permanent unless an emergency (priority 1) defect is identified. In such cases a temporary repair may be made to ensure public safety, pending a more permanent solution.

Figures for potholes to mid-2014 are shown in the  table below. These figures include only local authority roads, and do not cover those sections of the A1 and A194(M) which pass through Gateshead.

Gateshead highway defects

Carriageway20102011201220132014 (q1)2014 (q2)
Potholes 3524 3359 2770 3380 1026 858
Other defects 2098 1846 2256 1884 484 389
Footways20102011201220132014 (q1)2014 (q2)
Trips 9411 9385 7891 5340 1375 1609
Other defects 217 364 582 600 139 160

Source: Gateshead Council inspection records

Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund

The Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund was launched by the Department for Transport in the Autumn Statement in 2014. The Fund is designed to enable Local Authorities to bid for major maintenance projects that they would otherwise be unable to finance.

Gateshead Council is seeking funding to replace the remaining concrete and cast iron street lighting columns in the Borough.  These columns are now nearing the end of their useful life, are poorly adapted to the low energy lanterns being fitted as part of the Council’s ‘Invest To Save’ project, and represent an increasing maintenance liability.

If successful the bid would see the replacement of these with new columns providing better levels of lighting to residents and businesses.

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