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Traffic Management


The Traffic Planning and Engineering Section is involved in five broad areas of work: traffic projects, traffic management and development control, traffic regulation and parking, road safety education, training and publicity and management of the School Crossing Patrol service.

Network Management Plan 2008 - 2013

The Network Management Plan has been developed jointly with other LTA’s in the North of England.

The Government is committed to tackling congestion and disruption on the highway network and introduced the Traffic Management Act 2004, giving local traffic authorities new powers and a duty to keep roads clear and traffic moving.

This is a corporate duty which supports the ethos of improving the local quality of life, by aligning our activities to meet the needs of our communities.

Our Network Management Plan sets out the Council’s approach to performing the duty, based on regional objectives, developed and agreed through collaborative working with the North of England Traffic Managers Group, and
summarised here, to give a consistent approach for road users across the region

Our overarching aim for Network Management is: -

“To Manage our roads effectively to provide a safe and reliable network, for all users, by reducing the adverse effects of congestion, and minimising disruption through the effective coordination of all works, activities and events affecting the use of the highway network” 

A Speed Management Plan for Gateshead

Speeding traffic affects people in many different ways. In particular it affects their safety, making the roads more dangerous for all users, but especially vulnerable groups such as the young and the elderly. It also affects the environment, increasing the noise, intrusion and disturbance from traffic, and making it harder to cross the road.

A survey undertaken by the Council in 2003 indicated that 51% of local residents considered speeding traffic to be a problem in their area.

In the light of this, Gateshead Council believes that any responsible community must recognise the benefits of reducing traffic speeds, and take the issue of speeding traffic seriously. However, in so doing it also appreciates the importance of maintaining effective access on important through routes, especially to meet the needs of the emergency services and the local economy.

The Speed Management Plan has been produced in order to set out how the Council intend to develop and implement their approach towards speed management in Gateshead

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