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North East Road Safety Project


The North East Road Safety Project was set up in 2007 by way of the Department for Transports road safety grant scheme. It is now funded by 3 road safety bodies that operate within the North East region. The main aim of the project is to supply data and information to road safety practitioners so that education, training & publicity (ETP) campaigns are correctly informed and have as much impact as possible. Where ever possible the project also looks to promote joint working and co-ordination amongst practitioners. 

The project has brought together the road traffic collision data from the 3 police forces in the region (Northumbria, Durham, and Cleveland) and operates the only regional database. This data has been combined with several other data sets (for example Mosaic Public Sector) to offer users the most comprehensive analysis package in the region.

For more information regarding the regional road safety project or to make a request for information, please visit the North East Road Safety Project Homepage