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Waivers (Dispensation)


A waiver for parking on single or double yellow lines, in pay and display or residents bays is only issued where the vehicle is absolutely necessary for the completion of the task at hand. Inconvenience or difficulty alone is not sufficient justification for a waiver to be issued. A waiver will not be issued where tools etc are portable and the vehicle is being used as a convenient place to keep them.

Waiver requests will not be granted until a site inspection is carried by an authorised Council officer. For this reason at least 5 working days notice is required.

If a waiver is issued then the vehicle can park only when the vehicle is in use. If a Civil Enforcement Officer sees a vehicle with a waiver but does not observe the activity for which the waiver was granted taking place, they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

Where a vehicle is carrying fixed equipment such as pumps and generators, the vehicle can park for as long as the equipment is in use without requiring a waiver, for example, as long as a generator is running and the power leads lead to the work site. As soon as the equipment stops being used the vehicle must be moved to a valid parking place with the appropriate permit or payment.

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