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Parking Suspension


What does this mean?

This means that ordinary parking facilities have been suspended and parking is temporarily not permitted. The sign specifies the days and times during which the suspension applies.

Suspended Bays

Suspensions normally begin at 8.30am, except in an emergency when they can be introduced at any time of the day.

If a resident bay is going to be suspended, several days advanced warning will be given, where possible, before the suspension comes into effect. However, it is advisable that residents check the bay where their vehicle is parked on a daily basis, to make sure that parking has not been suspended at short notice.

Suspensions can be granted for the following reasons:

Building works – space needed for vehicles necessary to complete works and access domestic and business moves
Special events - filming, weddings and funerals
Emergencies & security - when we are advised to do so by the police

What will happen if I park in a suspended bay?

If you stop or park in a suspended bay, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if you are not displaying a suspension permit stating that you are entitled to park in the suspended area.

Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge users are not permitted to park in suspended bays.